Vizita la denist, intre siguranta si eficienta! Frumusete pentru natura, grija pentru dinti! Puritatea si copilaria zambesc deopotriva. Stomatologia, la rang de mestesug! Generatia de azi, inovatie si progres!
The smiles workshop, the place
where tradition meets
innovation, aesthetics blends
with the functional,
responsibility adds to efficiency
and security.
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Address: 153 Tomis Avenue

PO: 900647 Constanta - Romania



Interior Corinadent
Interior Corinadent 2
The dental services offered by Corina Dent dental
clinic are available and accessible to all the interested

We perform the safest services, such as: implants,
prosthetics, endodontics, paediatric dentistry,
preventive dentistry, odontotherapy, periodontology,
oral surgery, anaesthesia, radiography.
We, the Corina Dent team, try continuously so hard
to accomplish functional and esthetical dental works,
and the beautiful and immaculate smile will be your
partner during the whole day.
Just like a company subject to continuous evolution
and changes, the dental technique represents a
dentistry field subject to a permanent development.

Thanks to the advanced science and technology,
Corina Dent from Constanta is always connected with
innovation and modernity.

Corina Dent Dental Clinic performs a type of dentistry
that includes a wide range of dental works, more and
more complex.
Thus, we offer you here crown works using different
materials (ceramics, total ceramics, etc.), all sorts of
prostheses (total, partial, skeleton, dental), bruxism
trays, bridges, up to dental braces, dental RCD and
RCR, invisible dental braces, etc.

Besides the many dental services offered to all sorts
of patients (children, grown-ups, old people) in our
Smile Workshop, Corina Dent also promotes a whole
range of oral and preventive hygiene products for
children, as well as for grown-ups, consumables and
materials for Dental Cabinets, a full range of fixed and
mobile orthodontics, dental techniques consumables,
last-generation equipments, tools and oral surgery
products, products for anaesthesia (inhaling

The list can go further as it is always updated with
new and efficient products.

Corina Dent will guarantee you the quality of the
promoted products as they are acquired according to
the European standards and the laws in force.
The smiles workshop, the place where tradition meets innovation,
aesthetics blends with the functional, responsibility adds to
efficiency and security.

Corina Dent Dental Clinic and dental technique Smiles workshop,
the place where the smiles of the little ones and of the grown-ups
entwine, where tradition for beauty goes together with innovation,
creating a whole which offers everyone joy and satisfaction.

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Smiles workshop
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Manager: Silviu Melu



Dental technician: Corina Listaru


They say that laugh is your first business card. It could not be more truly. A beautiful laugh brings in joy, light and beauty. Corina Dent Dental Clinic has earned its reputation as Constanta dentistry by its professionalism, experience, responsibility and competence.

You will find here that cabinet you do need in order to show the so-wanted smile. Corina Dent is proud of its last generation equipment with respect to dental technique. It has a dental technique laboratory with the best quality dental products which make a simple visit to our dentist cabinet free of the well-known scare.
Corina Dent Dental Clinic offers the best services and dental treatments and the most affordable prices to all its patients.
The team of dentists that welcome you is based exclusively of a great professionalism, competence, experience, and an extraordinary collaboration with its patients, making them feel secure in this dental clinic.